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October 15, 2009


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Recently on a flight from Kolkata to Delhi, aboard a low cost airline, a pleasant looking woman in a blue and white uniform notified me that I had been chosen in the lucky draw to recieve a complimentary sandwich and a juice.  Never having won anything at any lottery, I was obviously overjoyed and quick to point out that I would settle for nothing less than a Non-Veg Sandwich.  With a free overpriced sandwich in hand, and a newspaper I paused to read an article about how the roads were awful, the infrastructure was a problem, politicians were fleecing too much money.. etc etc.

Seated beside me was the director of the largest municipal development body in Kolkata and we casually got talking about the city.

A study was conducted a few years back, on the water supply network in the city and after months of studying and research, the auditors came to a conclusion that the entire network was a complete failure. It was nothing short of a miracle that residents of the city were still enjoying their water. Of course, till date, nothing has been done.. and the residents of Kolkata continue to enjoy their daily water supply.

The point I am trying to make, amidst all this madness and chaos, there is an unkown force or a machine which seems to operating behind the scenes and pushing us forward. If you cant picture what I am trying to say, look outside at the roads, you see cycles, bullock carts and other animals, beggars, cars – all on the same road, seperated by an inch, cursing each other – yet they seem to be moving forward. Now isnt it a miracle that none of the vehicles or animals collide against each other ??

Our success lies in our selfishness. Driven by greed and thirst for more we r constantly pushing ourselves to negate the risk and obtain the positive outcome – which explains why none of the vehicles crash. Next time you are asked : who rules the world ? its not money, but greed. Greed for more and more !!

So while the rich get richer and the poor think of new ways to get rich, and we- the commoners have dreams of owning that flashy car, or that fancy watch, house etc. –  we put ourselves in corporate slaughterhouses and do what we are told to by the gentlemen/ women running the slaughterhouse.

A popular cola company even summed up the general sentiment of our country, “Yeh Dil Maange More”. Sure, it was reported to have pesticides and unwanted preservatives.. yet it had a cool actor asking the masses to ask for more !! Whether it is more money, more fame, more power… we Indians are on top of our game and constantly re-inventing ourselves to achieve the maximum through minimum effort.

Take for example, after the Mumbai terror attacks, Mumbaikars were all over the place shouting anti-politician slogans and asking for a new government. In the recently concluded Maharashtra elections, which was on a Monday, and delcared as a state holiday – so that people could vote, most of the people saw the extra day as an extended weekend and went away on vacation. Maharashtra saw one of the lowest voter turnouts ever.

So, next time you:

1. Refuse the beggar at the traffic signal

2. Refuse the bank to take a credit card

3. Refuse the NGO asking you to help in fighting women abuse

4. Refuse to tip the waiter

5. Refuse to buy original music or dvd’s

Think, that you have done the right thing, for in your refusal, you have been a part of the national sentiment.

“Jai Ho” – Gulzar & A.R Rahman 

(Someday I hope to find out what exactly that phrase means)


October 12, 2009

reality bites

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As soon as the nobel peace prize was announced, the first reaction was that of disbelief which soon gave way to the numerous jokes and cartoons doing the rounds on the internet. So who should we attribute this recent goof up to ??

Contrary to popular belief and controvery theorists, it wasnt :

1. The aliens who have got into the heads of the nobel jury.

2. An attempt by the US of A to create more confusion and ‘peacefully’ bomb some infidel countries (which i secretly support).

3. Pakistans way of getting more aid to build up their millitary with thanks to the ‘peaceful’ prez.

4. America’s birthday gift to the prez’s dog.

For reasons known to all, I will refrain from racist remarks on this blog, although I assure you i am most tempted to. However, it is  now time we see the writing on the wall,  and i reveal the truth..

Till a few years back, we loved the idiot box, we thrived on cricket matches and cartoons and epic serials for the elderly. Then came the saas-bashu stuff which only invaded the ‘bored housewife’ segment, which was still acceptable considering the fact that the problems shown on screen were far greater than the problems at home. However, we are now faced with a serious threat, far more serious than China invading Arunachal or MSD’s problems at finding new sponsors after India’s recent spate of losses. It is the ‘reality show’ bug which is biting everyone, not just our country but around the world.

Take some time off, switch on the television, and what do you see ?? participants getting their 2 mins of fame and crooning away to glory on stage while viewers pass their judgement. The 3 judges sitting beneath the spotlight, or the booming voice inside a house, or the cool veejay now reduced to managing bitchfights and acting in failed  bollywood movies have all succumbed to this bug. Recently i notice kids not more than 13 years old being made to perform live and then getting booted out of the show while the cameras film their tears in slow motion… give them a break guys !!

Its time we as viewers stop this insane tide of reality shows taking over us, it is nothing but an aim to make false promises of fame, fortune and glory and no one remembers you next year. I assure you, it is all fixed, events are predetermined, scripts are written beforehand, drama is created and sensationalised and broadcast for us idiots..

The way forward ?? the logical thing to do would be to start an anti-reality show movement on television or maybe create groups on facebook, but I dont see that happening. Luckily, we can fight fire with fire, for the solution lies at home..

1. We nominate Rakhi Sawant for the Oscars and send her to the red carpet.

2. and then, nominate Paris Hilton for the Sansui Manikchand something something Filmfare Awards.

However, not to stray from the topic, we gave the prez his fame, which actually didnt backfire, since after a decade or so, a common quiz question doing the rounds would be “who was the first US president to win the nobel”.. ?? Till then however, we would be zombies of the reality bug, being manipulated by sensationalised media.

October 11, 2009

badly bangalee

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You know you’re a Kolkata born fled bangalee when,

1. Your hindi is absolutely horrible and u tend to place bangla words in your hindi sentences.

[A few days back, at the office cafetaria, I wanted to complain about the quality of the curd, and i ended up saying “ye dahi ak phota tok nahi hai” ..]

2. You hyperventilate and start the most heated argument when someone praises Rahul Dravid or Sachin as the best cricketer. Of course, Sourav is the best cricketer India has ever come up with, and ever will.. If we could, we’d make sure he played for India till he’s 90. Even though, you know Sachin is actually the best, you put forward the argument that hes a failed captain  😀

3. You pick up the newspaper (say TimesofIndia) and claim that the Telegraph was far more informative. If you’re on the older side (say 60+), you talk about how The Statesman had the most beautiful english among all the newspapers in our country.

4. Your mum seems to have been the strictest mum in the history of the world as compared to the people around you.

5. You are proud of the fact that u r artistically inclined – basically u can write well, or sing well, or play a musical instrument.. and you think  most of the people around are fools with that weird “dhik chik dhik chik” blasting in their cars..

6. You wouldnt hesitate to form a racist opinion about everyone u meet.. According to you, civilisation and the cultural revolution in India started at Kolkata.

7. No matter which city u go, u search for bhaath (Rice) in the afternoon, if possible – chicken, 3 times a day, and a sweet- after every meal. If you doze off in the afternoon after a healthy meal – you are proud of it !!

8. You get into youtube and search for Bangla music (hemanta, manna dey), scoff at the new breed of Bangla bands and Bangla movies which feature wannabe actors n kids and a pseudo-intellectual Bengali director.

9. You are still stuck onto Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and Dream Theater, while the crowds outside seem to be craving for Greenday, Limp Bizkit, Nickelback, Justin Timberlake, Bollywood Bhangra etc. Then you argue with your friends who have some knowledge about music, about who is greater – Roger Waters or David Gilmour

[of course, its David Gilmour, Gilmour is God]

10. Finally, when you have a conversation about Bengal with someone, you are quick to point out that the 3 greatest Bengalis of all time are Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray and Sourav Ganguly.  🙂

“We know, and they know, that we can beat them.” – Sourav Ganguly

October 9, 2009

the blog

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Before I start blogging, some random thoughts :

1. I signed up cos I was bored of the office, bored of the people around me, but mainly cos a special someone told me today that I should get my own blog. Not cos its the cool thing to do, but cos it would make me feel a bit more creative at the end of the day after a dull day of work.

2. By no means, is this blog about me and my life and my boredom and my choices and my cravings… or watever it is people write about.. the blogosphere seems to be full of people who rant excessively about themselves,  and quite frankly – who cares ??

3. Also, apologies for the amateurish use of words and sentences, its  been really long since i actually wrote, not an exam paper but just random thoughts flowing out of your head. To be honest, it is a bit more difficult than i thought..

4. Finally, i dedicate this blog to those who hav influenced me the most in life : Akhmed & Eric Cartmann.

*plays overdriven guitar chord with drum roll* 

Happy Reading  🙂   and feel free to criticise..

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