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November 18, 2009

Gold is a four letter word

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Kings have fought over it and conquered for it; people have given their lives for it, and yet our obsession continues. Since time immemorial our policies have changed, the world order has changed and over the last few centuries the term ‘economy’ has been redefined again and again to reach the stage where we are today. What has remained constant is our obsession with the yellow metal – gold.

The word itself gets a few hearts beating and a few eyes rolling. If two centuries back, kings were busy conquering and taking their returns of precious metal, today each and every individual possesses that same insatiable appetite for more and more gold. The transformation of gold from a shiny ornament to a commodity for exchange is rather fascinating taking into considerations that other shiny metals, namely silver and platinum have never made inroads into our lives like gold has.

Look around, if people aren’t dreaming of their next buy in gold, they are investing in mutual funds and shares where a unit resembles a gram of gold. If your thoughts are nowhere linked to the forsaken metal, the billboards and advertisements definitely won’t let u forget. The best advertising gimmick would be to provide the suffix ‘gold’ to the name of the product or maybe even color it gold. So today, if the entire gold obsession wasn’t boring you, you need to have sona-chandi and vita-gold to make yourself feel better, name your children Sona or be among the hundred odd companies flooding the market with the name Sona as a prefix or a suffix. Further, our temples are plated with gold, so are our deities, in fact legend has it that the temples have so much gold locked away that the authorities have no track of it. We shower our relatives and friends with gifts of gold, we bribe our Gods and Goddesses with gold, we cover our brides with gold and the list can continue…


November 13, 2009

note to self..

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Apologies for not updating my blog for quite a few days now. Not like too many people are waiting for my updates either because till now its been me who has been forcing people to read my blog.

Life hasnt changed much over the past few days, in fact its gotten me to think have we humans gone to the extent of defining our lives to a perfect circle.  We need to attend school, get our education as defined by society. Then get an impressive degree – make money – marry – make money – die. In between we fill in the gaps to just make our lives a lil wee bit more interesting. Im not saying im bored with life, nor am i complaining.. but I keep wondering if people out there are happy in what they are doing.

Just to test my thoughts, I asked quite a few people at my workplace if they were really happy with their lives n work. It all led to an emphatic NO ! further it boiled to the usual formula , they were doing it because they needed to get married and/ or make money.  True no one can define happiness since it is quite relative but happiness at work can be defined.

Are you happy with your job ?? its usually the people in creative fields who would say YES, or a person running his own show.

I have  dreams of my own.. and this is not what I wanted to do…

Yet the perfect circle is defined for me.. and i need to abide by it…

“and then one day you find, 10 years have gone behind you, noone told you where to run..”




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