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July 15, 2010

How to… Part 3

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Creating the concept of God has been man’s greatest achievement till date.

Rewinding back many years we were told that God is there watching us from way up above, judging our actions and deciding on a reward/ penalty scheme for us mortals.  Sounds familiar to the current corporate slaughterhouses, or the outsourcing model. But that’s what we were taught as kids and I was okay with that.

A few years later we were told that God is also present  in temples, churches etc. and the idol has the power to give us what we want so we have to pray hard everyday in hope that God will grant us our wishes – and I was okay with that too.

Today, things are different, national greed is on its peak – and that has led to a practice which I just cannot fathom. So my next section on – ‘How to find God’.

1. Apparently, God is now no longer different from a businessman and he will grant you what you want and he needs something in return. Now, what could the Almighty want from humans, what could he have that we dont ???

2. God will now accept cheques and credit cards along with cash/ jewellery/ gold.

So we have now reduced God to a political figure, a bemused power yielding babu sitting right on top and granting our wishes in return for that huge some of money. So if ‘A’ wants to get a business deal , he goes to his place of worship and prays for success  in return for ‘X’ amount of money. ‘X’ will be poured into a huge drum for donations and that money will go into the trust fund for that particular God.

We are a God fearing nation, and our faith is strong, and we firmly believe that we deserve to have our faith rewarded. Of course, this has been wisely misused by the intelligentsia to create an industry out of religion.

Till then we can keep turning to him as our one last hope when in distress. The remaining times, we parteeeh !!


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