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October 11, 2009

badly bangalee

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You know you’re a Kolkata born fled bangalee when,

1. Your hindi is absolutely horrible and u tend to place bangla words in your hindi sentences.

[A few days back, at the office cafetaria, I wanted to complain about the quality of the curd, and i ended up saying “ye dahi ak phota tok nahi hai” ..]

2. You hyperventilate and start the most heated argument when someone praises Rahul Dravid or Sachin as the best cricketer. Of course, Sourav is the best cricketer India has ever come up with, and ever will.. If we could, we’d make sure he played for India till he’s 90. Even though, you know Sachin is actually the best, you put forward the argument that hes a failed captain  😀

3. You pick up the newspaper (say TimesofIndia) and claim that the Telegraph was far more informative. If you’re on the older side (say 60+), you talk about how The Statesman had the most beautiful english among all the newspapers in our country.

4. Your mum seems to have been the strictest mum in the history of the world as compared to the people around you.

5. You are proud of the fact that u r artistically inclined – basically u can write well, or sing well, or play a musical instrument.. and you think  most of the people around are fools with that weird “dhik chik dhik chik” blasting in their cars..

6. You wouldnt hesitate to form a racist opinion about everyone u meet.. According to you, civilisation and the cultural revolution in India started at Kolkata.

7. No matter which city u go, u search for bhaath (Rice) in the afternoon, if possible – chicken, 3 times a day, and a sweet- after every meal. If you doze off in the afternoon after a healthy meal – you are proud of it !!

8. You get into youtube and search for Bangla music (hemanta, manna dey), scoff at the new breed of Bangla bands and Bangla movies which feature wannabe actors n kids and a pseudo-intellectual Bengali director.

9. You are still stuck onto Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and Dream Theater, while the crowds outside seem to be craving for Greenday, Limp Bizkit, Nickelback, Justin Timberlake, Bollywood Bhangra etc. Then you argue with your friends who have some knowledge about music, about who is greater – Roger Waters or David Gilmour

[of course, its David Gilmour, Gilmour is God]

10. Finally, when you have a conversation about Bengal with someone, you are quick to point out that the 3 greatest Bengalis of all time are Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray and Sourav Ganguly.  🙂

“We know, and they know, that we can beat them.” – Sourav Ganguly


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