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May 5, 2010

How to… Part 2

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Prem Kumar bhai was once a guard doing odd jobs at our place, wat we missed out on was his keen intellect and his ability to read demand and supply gaps in the market. Coupled with his knowledge of consumer behaviour he soon took that big challenging step – he became a driver. Today he says he would have been happier as a lion tamer or a crocodile hunter.

Before u scoff at my last statement, if you have tried driving on any Indian road in any city you would have already lost a better part of your hair. Driving is not for the weak hearted, and so came the concept of hiring drivers – which Prem Kumar foresaw and today earns 10 times his initial salary just because the owner of an imported car realised he was not capable of taking that plunge – driving to work everyday.

So .. my next post.. how to be a good driver.

1. Learn your language – A speeding car brushes past you almost cornering you to a horrible death. Forget your morals and values – and give it to that driver choosing the choicest expletives of complete moral degradation. Fist fights are not recommended, however refer to my earlier post for more info on that     🙂

2. Excellent hand eye co-ordination – Cruising along a potholed road you need to manouver around those potholes, a person shows his/ her hand to you and starts crossing the road ; firstly lets understand that in our country the pedestrian is always right and secondly, disasters occur in the slip of a second especially when you hav just begun to relax; so learn to hit that brake pedal as hard as possible. Train those reflexes well, one missed glance may change your life forever.

3. Possess enough money – You know this one, when in a tight spot either God help you, else money will. So bribe the cops well enough and you will never face a problem while driving

So even if you are drinking and driving the above will help you get past any hurdles you may face.

Good luck !!


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